Meet Revolve

Revolve is a club that stands out among others. Our three main key phrases are: I want, I must, I will be. And it is our responsibility as well. We would like you to feel Revolve! We have to try it! We will surely be one of the best rated fitness clubs in Łódź!


Not only is motion an important factor of our health, but also of our life. As a Revolve team, we perfectly understand that sport may be also a passion, pleasure, and happiness that appears after every single workout. What’s more, sport is also about determination and technique. It is a strength of character. It is a willingness for change. It is our ‘I want, I must, I will be’.


As a Revolve team, we are sure of diet synergy and training. Our nutritious habits may be decisive, and thus have an impact on our health and well-being. To be honest, only few people know what our body, which is intensively trained and constantly under pressure, really needs. We would like everyone who chooses Revolve to be satisfied with the desired effects after heavy workout. We do our best to meet everyone’s requirements and to open your mind that what you eat today may impact your future.

Let’s feel comfortable, let’s feelRevolve!

Revolve is an idea of change
Revolve is a motion
Revolve is a healthy nutrition
Revolve is a stress reduction
Revolve is you!

You want? You must? You will be?
Let’s meet Revolve from the other side.
We will convince you to say bravely: I want, I must, I will be…Revolve!


When the whole world stopped, we have created one of the best fitness clubs in Łódź! We prepared a gym with the highest quality trekking equipment, an outer sauna which will fill all the shortages of even the most demanding sportsman. Our team will not only lead its own fitness classes, but also give you the best advice on what to eat to feel convenient and achieve the desired results after your workout. However, that is not all. We also take care of your security thanks to our qualified physiotherapist staff that is always around you while exercising. And everything is provided by Revolve!


Starting from 150 PLN / month

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